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Application of Pipe Nipples in Hydraulic & Pumping Industry

Water pumps are machines that transport or pressurize liquids. It transmits the mechanical energy of the prime mover or other external energy to the liquid, which increases the energy of the liquid. It is mainly used to transport liquids, including water, oil, acid and alkali liquids, emulsions, suspension emulsions and liquid metals. It can also transport liquids, gas mixtures and liquids containing suspended solids.

The technical parameters of pump performance include flow, suction, head, shaft power, water power, efficiency, etc.

According to different working principles, it can be divided into volume pumps, vane pumps and other types. Positive displacement pumps use the change in the volume of their working chambers to transfer energy; vane pumps use the interaction of rotating blades and water to transfer energy. There are centrifugal pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps.

Why Are Hydraulic Pipe Fittings So Important

Pipes are widely used and have an extremely important position in hydraulic & pumping industry. However, the particularity of the nature of the transportation materials requires that leakages be avoided during transportation, so it is important that the pipe nipples are strong.

High-quality hydraulic pipes and fittings can effectively reduce leakage, which can reduce unnecessary expenses such as loss and maintenance investment.

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