Drill Bit

TAIYE rock drill bit uses high-quality raw materials, advanced production technology and strict inspection methods to produce “Pangolin DTH” impactors and drills with excellent performance and quality.

We provide pangolin DTH impactors and drill heads with diameters ranging from 90m to 305cm. Each impactor and drill head is made of high-quality tungsten carbide alloy teeth and owns a perfect body shape after precision processing. Then, after heat treatment, it achieves appropriate hardness, produces excellent surface abrasion and fatigue resistance, and is suitable for various rock types that are hard or soft, abrasive or broken.

The drill bit is made of high-quality steel, and the bit is made of a special alloy through a special welding process. It is widely used in various mining and stone works. The drill bit adopts different alloy teeth according to different rock structure and hardness. TAIYE can make different specifications and different forms of best metal drill bits, long (deep hole) drill bits, hammer drill bits, flexible drill bits, impact drill bits and DTH bits.

We are one of the best drill rig suppliers,we provide rig bit,deep hole drill bits,quality drill bits,high quality drill bits,different drill bits and different types of drill bits,RFQ today!


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