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RuneScape News: A Message to our Community

The effects of the coronavirus means we are entering uncharted land, not as when you mapped the Kharazi Jungle to OSRS gold earn admission into the Legends’ Guild. There isn’t a pursuit guide for people to follow, but our teams are hard at work making sure that RuneScape can continue. We’d love to use this opportunity to update you on what’s happening at Jagex. The safety of Jagex staff is priority number one, also out of today we are recommending that JMods start working from home for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, we’re preparing to facilitate the staff.

This does mean that, for Runescape gamers, the game upgrade of today will be delivered whenever possible. When we have a 11, we are going to edit this post. Thanks for your patience and understanding. This shift represents a big change to the way we operate, and you may be thinking about if this will affect RuneScape and Old School. It’s possible that there may be fewer game updates and livestreams at the short term, but we’ll communicate any schedule changes. Looking longer term, we do not envisage any modifications.

That’s it. We’d love to thank you and we’re going to give you this.

Yeah I’d be suprised if it happens time. Cases of Corona are gonna explode and if enough men and women get it soon enough everyone will know someone that has it and will be made to self-evident.

I figure Jagex’s policy will likely be; if none of the core Arch team members get it (Rowley, Ryan et al) then we view that the regular discharge and those members are going to be in the office that day.Yeah but they will need folks to do hot fixes and things that will almost inevitably go wrong on discharge. And of course all of the other staff required to keep the offices open, servers operating, etc.. Hopefully it will not be postponed but it likely more complicated than buy RS gold we think and if instances of the virus keep doubling daily or 2 that knows what the situation will be.

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