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Fully automatic marble Profiling polishing machine


Fully automatic marble Profiling polishing machine

The characteristic of marble material: crisp, soft and easily broken by large pressure. Nowadays most people like use marble material to decorate house, hotel. Because the marble decoration line is beautiful and luxury.

What is the usage of marble decoration line?

  1. Door frame
  2. Window frame
  3. TV/bedroom background frame
  4. Elevator outside door frame


What kind of marble processing machine are there

  1. Automatic Stone Profiling Machine
  2. Bridge stone line grinding machine
  3. Marble Molding Machine


The processing materials of automatic Marble Molding Machine

  1. marble decoration line
  2. artificial stone line


The selection of marble line processing machinery configuration:

  1. 4+8 (12 head) Marble Molding Machine
  2. 6+8 (14 head) Marble Molding Machine
  3. 6+6 (12 head) Marble Molding Machine
  4. 4+6 (10 head) Stone Profiling Machine

Why lots of factories prefer to purchase automatic Marble Moulding Machine?

From the processing effect of view, the automatic stone line marble polishing machine have the advantage of fast processing speed, large output, good processing effect, brightness reach 90-120 degree, smoothly, don’t need waxing, daily output about 200-300m.Bridge stone line grinding machine finish one piece of marble line need to change a couple of grinding wheels, so the processing speed is 5-10 times lower than automatic, what’s more, the labor cost is several times expensive than automatic. The daily out about 60-100m, brightness is not very good.The processing of stone line profiling machine is very slow, daily output only 20-50m, the product just through rough grinding, still need polishing by manual. Seams are untidy, and brightness is low.


At present, most factory prefer to purchase automatic stone line polishing machine, because labor cost is expensive, processing charge is very low, in addition, the customer require the quality more and more better, lead to the bad processing effect,low output of machine will be weed out. Only few small processing factory purchase bridge stone line polishing machine and stone line profiling machine, most factory prefer to purchase the automatic Marble Moulding Machine.


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