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How to Identify the Advantages and Disadvantages of Automobile Belts?

As an important part of the operation of the car, the belt is connected to various parts. Once it breaks or slips, the related air-conditioning compressor, power steering oil pump, alternator, etc. will be adversely affected. Therefore, it is very important to master the identification method of the automobile belt, and it is also important to know the replacement cycle of the belt. The following are some methods for identifying the quality of automobile belts and determining whether the belt is damaged.




How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of automobile belts?

  1. Smell


True: No odor


False: There is a pungent smell of smelly gum.


Smelling is the first step in the identification of the advantages and disadvantages of automotive belts, and it is also a relatively effective trick. Often inferior rubber products will have a pungent smell of gum. The car owner can distinguish it with just a little attention.




  1. Take a look


For the same reasons as above, counterfeit products usually make a fuss about materials and processes in order to save costs. The products produced are generally rough, and the printed fonts are relatively vague.




  1. More comparison


A repair shop or store that sells counterfeit and inferior belt products will usually have the same specifications but several prices. It is recommended to make a careful comparison of these products with different prices before choosing.




Suggestion: The best way to deal with counterfeit and shoddy products is to choose regular purchase channels. The genuine parts of most automotive belt manufacturers are only sold through regular companies to distinguish counterfeit and shoddy goods from the gray market. Genuine products are not sold through unauthorized distribution channels. Therefore, it is best to choose the corresponding regular store when replacing the car belt.




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