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An Overview of the Development of Stapler

Currently, the surgical stapler suture used in clinical practice is fast, easy to operate and has no rejection reaction to the tissue. They improve tissue receptivity to staples with fewer side effects, effectively reducing patient pain and increasing surgeon efficiency and surgical success. Due to these advantages, now, the stapler is widely used in a variety of surgical procedures.




With the increase in the number of surgical procedures, the widespread use of minimally invasive surgery, and the gradual improvement of medical infrastructure, the global medical and surgical instruments market is growing at a rapid rate. The market shows a steady growth trend. With the continuous growth of China’s economic strength, the medical level of the population and the deepening of medical reform, the ability of China’s residents to pay for medical services is also increasing. Currently, there is a clear trend toward an aging population in the country and beyond, and against the backdrop of an increasing number of people suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, the use of stapler among surgeons and patients at home and abroad continues to grow at a rate higher than the global average.


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