The Application of Pipe Nipples in Agricultural Production

Agriculture is the source of human necessities, food, housing and transportation, and the primary condition of all production, providing grain, non-staple food, industrial raw materials, capital and export materials.

Irrigation is an indispensable part of agricultural production. As far as irrigation methods are concerned, flood irrigation is usually used before irrigation technology is perfect. This method of irrigation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and is likely to cause land salinization. Pipeline water delivery refers to the use of pipelines instead of open channels for water delivery engineering measures.

Advantages of Pipeline Water Conveyance

  1. Water-saving

Pipeline water delivery is usually underground, so the evaporation and leakage of water are basically eliminated.  Tests show that in light loam soils, pipeline water irrigation is used, and the water use coefficient is 95% -97%.

  1. Irrigation is Timely and Appropriate to Shorten the Irrigation Cycle

Fast water delivery, timely water supply, and short cycle times are the advantages of pipeline water delivery irrigation over earth canal irrigation. It not only improves the field irrigation conditions, but also facilitates the proper and timely irrigation, and thus fully and effectively meets the water demand of the crop growth period, especially the critical period of crop water demand.  It is also suitable for sprinkler irrigation, which saves water and efficiency and reduces your investment.

  1. Wide Range of Applications, Economic, Good Benefit

Pipe irrigation technology is simple and easy to learn, and can easily master the use of pipe irrigation equipment. Different crops, soils, water sources and flows can be adapted to pipeline irrigation.

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