I live I understand a whole lot about the team because they’re the only games that get when they are at home, played. The team is not good. Godwin had a great season that’s undeniable but the line was not good Winston could not take more than 2 steps without a chonky boy in his face. I do not even remember who was starting at TE that he had been. And did 800yards break? The defense was crap besides two or three players that are good. As a fan I will greatly appreciate Mut 21 Coins of Shaq Barrett. And I loved the fact that absolutely no one on your secondary was starter worthy but they came later in the season. That’s does not make them elite tho. They moved from god dreadful to ordinary.

Running back by committee in a Bruce Arians air raid offense, Ali marpet and Ryan Jensen are equally elite, Donovan Smith was average to below average annually and DeMar Dotson was a decent pass blocker with no run blocking capabilities. On top of that you left Mike Evans who had another fantastic season. I can tell you did not really watch many games together with the defense remark, contemplating Vita Vea (whom I forgot in my original post and am unbelievably embarrassed about), Shaq Barrett, Lavonte David, Carlton Davis, and Ndamakung Suh all played like best 10 players in their position, Vea I would assert for top NT at the league. Jamel Dean after a rough start against the Seahawks played above average and SMB was over average all season. I get that you want the Bucs to be awful, but do not state a teams shit when you don’t know something about them, even if you do live in Florida.

Browns, Raiders, Bears, and Chargers like the Chiefs.yea seems about right. Only reason I’m thinking is that they left the defense low. Browns have gift so using a good Total makes sense, and bears are like the chiefs where they are great on one side of the ball and bad on the other so it evens into a low general. Still it is laughable tho since the chiefs defense was not terrible, especially at the end of the year, and they’ve got an wonderful offense which should be likely higher than a 90 overal.

That’s probably correct. Could be disrespect because the Chiefs were the best defense in the league by a PPG standpoint. Their evaluations”experts” likely conducted with all the”chiefs defense bad” narrative though. True I concur their defense was strong last year. Additionally tho it might be that Cheap Madden 21 Coins they do not have a crazy amount of defensive players apart from Mathieu and Chris Jones. Also seemingly Swami(someone who works on madden) stated the leaks are wrong so hopefully that’s the case cause even tho I am a bears fan we do not deserve to be that high and that I need the better teams to really be better.

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