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Car Belt Maintenance

With the rapid development of society, more and more families or individuals have purchased cars. But as the saying goes, you can’t afford a car from buying a car, and you can’t repair a car from affording a car. Why? Because everyone is poor in car maintenance knowledge of various parts of the car.




Knowledge and recommendation for the purchase of belt:


Most friends will think that in theory, the car should be able to drive 100,000 kilometers or more, or drive for three to five years. This is actually wrong. The belts are all rubber parts. Everyone knows that rubber will age.




The general use period of automotive timing belt is 2 years. The high temperature when the engine is running, the cooling when the car is stopped, the greasy impurities, the matching of the timing belt tensioner and the incorrect method during installation will lead to a shortened service life of the timing belt, so it caused another problem of kilometers. New car timing belts generally run 80,000-100,000 kilometers. After the timing belt is replaced, the service life of the belt will also be reduced due to the depreciation, use, and equipment of the car. Therefore, it is best to replace the timing belt in time.




Everyone needs to always pay attention to some things to replace the purchased belt:


When changing the belt, please pay attention to the correct operation of the operator in severe cold or scorching heat. Do not twist the timing belt hard. This will cause the internal fibers of the belt of the timing belt to break severely, which seriously affects the service life. When installing an automobile belt, the tensioner must be adjusted and cannot be pryed up directly with a wrench or hard object. If you see cracks on the outer surface of the timing belt and the rubber smell is very strong during use, you need to pay attention to whether the belt is aging. There are abnormal noises while driving, you need to pay attention to whether the car belt is installed correctly, or the quality and tooth shape of the belt are qualified, and match the generator timing pulley. Therefore, it is time to consider replacing the belt.


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