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Advantage of greenhouse tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of glass with even compressive stress on the surface which is made by heating float glass to nearly softening point and then cooling it down rapidly by air. During the instant cooling process, the exterior of the glass is solidified due to rapid cooling while the interior of the glass is cooled down relatively slowly. The process will bring the glass surface compressive stress and the interior tensile stress which can improve the mechanical strength of glass by germination and result in good thermal stability.

Greenhouse tempered glass adopts hot handling technology. Which forms pressing stress on the glass surface, in order to improve mechanical strength and endure hot attacking strength, besides especial fragments state.
* Strictly meet with building codes and safety requirements
* 3-5 times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness
* Breaks up into small cubical fragments, not threatening to humans
* All customized processing on the glass must be done before tempering
* Can be printed with special logo and patterns with enamel silk screening

Advantage of greenhouse tempered glass
1) Instant and precise privacy control and security with architectural integrity
2) Eco-friendly, protect skin of damaging UV 99%
3) Exceptional optical quality that reduces glare & eye strain
4) Greenhouse tempered glass reduced fading of carpets, furniture and protects valuable artwork
5) Energy savings on cooling & lighting costs
6) Ambient temperature control
7) Aesthetically pleasing
8) High durability
9) Efficient use of space in the built environment
10) Ultra-hygienic low maintenance cost
11) High contrast for use as a rear projection screen

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