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They’ll still likely be PC games restricted to some fixed graphics setting

Does anyone have any insight about how Stadia will handle next gen migrations this year? Will we get next gen titles? It’s up to Google to inform us. The following gen models look to be built from the MT 2K21 ground up instead of a patch such as Xbox One X and PS4 versions of games on the bottom consoles. I feel like this is an chance for google to show off the way they can easily integrate next gen….or perhaps they cant haha?

There’s nothing holding back Stadia out of“next-gen“, they might be next-gen today, they could have been next-gen if they published. There is absolutely 0 reason to await the new consoles to launch to suddenly be in a position to be“next-gen“, not at least because it has nothing to do with Stadia. „Next-gen“ games intended for XSX or PS5 won’t do Stadia any great. They’ll still likely be PC games restricted to some fixed graphics setting.

True and false I guess. Seeing the Playstation and Xbox are running on from AMD is not publicly out yet, and that Stadia also utilizes AMDs GPU/CPU there in waiting merit. Sure they could have gone full design, but I decided to believe that there is a reason for waiting for the new thing. I’m mostly just hoping that it will be observable by the time Sony and Microsoft are ready, or in close proximity.Very good stage and I understand this quite clearly how u put it. I suppose the question is will Stadia have visual enhancements & the visual that the next gen consoles would have? Will the launch for stadia remain the same from its release thru its entirety?

I am also buying another gen xbox although I like to continue playing with this title on Stadia, but if look and feel is different then I will probably wind up going back to games for the better look & feel. I believe it depends on how well NBA 2K does frankly. I’d like to think as the Stadia hardware is updated, matches will continue to climb but at some stage programmers will stop updating them. You would want to purchase it. Stadia and PC is seeking to be the base game in the beginning of the gen.

I’d wait until after launch to purchase if it gets to see upgraded unless the cash isn’t a issue. I will be buying the PS5 legend edition along with a Stadia version so I can still roam around the home and playwith. Doesn’t seem like any progress will crossover into different platforms. I’m just a basketball fanatic so it’s no issue for me. The PC version is also listed as Buy 2K21 MT Do we believe that the PC version will be capable than xsx and ps5?

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