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The justification was most likely SEGA’s need to be able to manage their own

Well I am bummed, I wanted to play the NA version but I am having a wide range of problems on PC. I tried installing it through the MS Store on a secondary drive and it dropped a whole lot of files from the root directory of this drive (probably MS Store stuff) and then some data in my Documents directory. I uninstalled it and it did not seem to eliminate anything, and that I had to meseta pso2 fiddle about with permissions to receive all of the stuff to delete. Tried installing through the store and it keeps saying”Something occurred on our end. Try again later.” I’m frustrated that Microsoft apparently can not work out without dumping crap wherever it wants, how to install programs. I guess I will check in on Phantasy Star Online 2 in a month.

There appears to be a (now) known problem with the Windows Store about installing drives aside from the system drive. If you are willing to give it yet another try, I would recommend using PSO2 Tweaker. That supports installing on separate drives. If you go this route, you will want to combine the PSO2 Discord server and read the directions on doing so carefully, as it is a little wonky evading the Store Install path. I rebooted my computer and it is downloading from the MS Store. I found that the PSO2 Tweaker devs added support for NA connection, so I will try it using the initial download from the MS shop and see if Tweaker will upgrade it. I started the PSO2 Tweaker I and it’s downloading and installing the NA variant for me. Neat!

What I want to know is how they will handle accounts on different platforms (Steam)… am I will need to begin over or will I somehow be able to connect my XB account I have been enjoying on PC with and continue on? If I will have to begin over and shed the money/time I’ve spent I’m going to quit playing before the Steam version is available because I really don’t enjoy how Microsoft handles accounts and the purchases. Not true, never really had a problem with running Halo MCC. Halo uses Phantasy Star Online 2 Bar, which doesn’t bugger out. Gaming Services which PSO2 uses is different.

Saying, its still. I’m not saying we all know for sure it WON’T occur but if you think about that: the NA variant that is recent already has international evaluations. Previous Phantasy Star games consistently had EU and NA share servers. Well making the NA version a international variant just seems more likely as well as potential.

The justification was most likely SEGA’s need to be able to manage their own JP version without needing to be concerned about the market. The couple of times they spoke about this they cited being able to deliver place exclusive upgrades after all… in PSO2’s situation, they didnt want to be paying for global rights to collab nor to consider if collabs with certain companies like Dawson or some vague anime would be applicable to this Western players to warrant the expense of global rights. The Japanese variant is cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta wanted by SEGA for its own thing targeted at the Japanese marketplace and what would appeal to them.

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