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Advantages of Bluetooth Amplifier Class D

The bluetooth amplifier class d refers to the audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chip, which replaces the traditional wired connection with Bluetooth connection. By connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, the speaker relying on Bluetooth transmission protocol for information transmission does not need to be connected with data or audio lines to achieve the purpose of convenience and speed.

The bluetooth amplifier class d, unique appearance, belongs to the family practical speaker, the appearance is very compact, beautiful appearance, high value, portability, sound price is not expensive, sound volume is large enough than mobile phones, sound quality is good, with the improvement of living standards, Bluetooth loudspeaker is widely used in smart home background music, hotels, shopping malls, conference centers;

Advantages of Bluetooth Amplifier Class D

The biggest feature is to support Bluetooth calls, connect devices with Bluetooth function to play music at any time, and to facilitate listening to music and driving comrades! In the future, the bluetooth amplifier class d is also the highlight of speaker Market development. Guangzhou Xinghongde Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has created RH AUDIO MP3 FM Bluetooth Digital Class D Amplifier, which is pursuing the experience of new and old customers brought by products with high cost performance ratio.

RH-AUDIO develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable sound products of commercial speaker system.

RH-AUDIO was incorporated in the year 2006 and began his business of manufacturing commercial PA sound system, providing applications of sound reproduction/reinforcement for a variety of venues such as conference halls,shopping malls,school auditoriums, churches, commercial buildings, industrial sites, gardens ,or an entire outdoor complex, etc.


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