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100V Voltage Weatherproof Speaker for Voice Announcement

※ Speaker driver full range 4 inch.

※ Durable case.

※ Easy to install with brackets supported.

※ Suitable for in/outdoor use.

※ Metal enclosure & grille.

※ 70V/100V line voltage input.

The Waterproof 100v Column Speakers RH-CS1 Series use multiple speaker 4 inch drives to create a slimline column offering excellent sound dispersion,total four models give options with output power rates 10W/20W/30W/40W respectively,each model is made with line voltage transformer to offer a lower output power (half of full power).

From interior parts of speaker drives and support plate to external cabinet,they are made of waterproof materials with IP 65 rated.

Waterproof Public Address Loudspeaker

The RH-AUDIO Waterproof Public Address Loudspeakers RH-CS5 Series which produce good clearsound and acoustical clarity for background music and paging,are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications such as stations,gardens, swimming pools,stadiums,and tennis courts,etc.



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