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100v Line Speaker Selector Switch RH2813B

※ Supports 10 zone speaker selection.

※ 2 groups of 5 zones and 70V/100V audio signal outputs.

※ Two amplifier inputs A and B.

※ LED signal level meter.

※ 10-position zone selector switch with pushbutton on the front panel.

※ Power handling: maximum 2 kW total capacity, maximum 200W per zone.

The RH2813B is a 10-zone speaker selector switch that allows the user to distribute an amplified speaker signalRH2813B 10 zone speaker selector speaker outputs

up to listening zones that can be turned on or off.

This selector is divided into 2 groups of 5 zones,it features two amplifier inputs A and B which allow the selection of up to 10 individual loudspeakers / zones fed by a speakers 100v or 2 groups fed by 2 separate 100v amplifiers.


  • In above connection,the RH2813B’s inputs A and B are fed by a single 100v speakers,which also can be fed by two 100v amplifiers separately.

RH-AUDIO develops, manufactures, and markets highly reliable sound products of commercial speaker system.

RH-AUDIO was incorporated in the year 2006 and began his business of manufacturing commercial PA sound system, providing applications of sound reproduction/reinforcement for a variety of venues such as conference halls,shopping malls,school auditoriums, churches, commercial buildings, industrial sites, gardens ,or an entire outdoor complex, etc.


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