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Precautions for the Set-up of Leno Mesh Anti Hail Nets

  1. Set it up generally before the end of May (before bagging). Put it away in a sunny day after harvests.

  1. A professionally directed set-up shall strive to a scientific plan, an economical cost, a reasonable structure and a secured rack.

  1. The net class differs by the located hail zone and the affordability of an orchard. High-strength nets with cement poles are recommended for where there always is intensified hail continuously. Others may be relatively inferior, however, the steel one is an unwise choice.

  1. Prefabricate the base plate in case of the base sink. All the main poles shall be ground anchored with proper anchor blocks and steel strands, among which the four corners’ must be doubled. For mountain orchards, the ground anchor can be replaced by the internal ejector rod.

  1. At least three people are required at the same time to set up a leno mesh anti hail net. The aerial work allows only the young with no hypertension or acrophobia. Precautions are to fasten the safety rope and to secure the ladder.

  1. The leno mesh anti hail net should be kept away from the fire and free from rats whenever and wherever.


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