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Installation Skills of Leno Mesh Anti Hail Nets

The Preferred Rack and Pads of Leno Mesh Anti Hail Nets

Durable materials with excellent extensibility are favorable for the rack erection. Ф12 steel wire or Ф8-10 iron wire are preferred.

Wear resistant materials with an anti-aging property are qualified for pads. Old tires are feasible to make 15 cm Х 10 cm pads.

The Preferred Material for Leno Mesh Anti Hail Nets

Requirements: ① light for an easy set up; ② durable; ③ economical; ④ translucent for a minor light impact

By years of survival competition, Nylon nets failed for the high cost and wire meshes are delisted for the climbing cost of iron and steel. Finally, it comes to the resent survivor of polyethylene nets as the dominant one for the leno mesh anti hail net in use.

The Setting Skills of Leno Mesh Anti Hail Nets for Vineyard

The white leno mesh anti hail net is preferable being 50 cm over the horizontal frame (trellis) or the vertical frame (fences). Once the grape burying is done, put away the net by a sided tie-up or a folded storage, which is a lesson taught by years’ practices to lengthen the service life by anti weathering and anti aging.

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Agriculture Netting

Agriculture nets are the only method of 100% crop protection. Using agricultural insect netting to protect your crops from bird predation, insects, or hail damage is the most effective and environmentally responsible method for reducing crop damage or loss.

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