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Osrs might be a lsd trip

Another suggestion to change the revenants will make the wilderness more active. I would make an item that is required to be present in worn or inventory to have the ability to hurt revenants. When talking to this emblem trader in the revenant cave, that merchandise is awarded to best place to buy osrs gold players. Fees are required by that thing, and each charge on that thing means you can do 1 damage. Skilling or pvming from the wilderness can charges that item, except for revenants. Along with the deeper in the wilderness one extends the faster the item fees. That item is always kept on death, and the charges are not lost.

For example, if a player reaches a jungle boss from the wild, that thing increases 1000 charges, which translates to 1000 harm to the revenant. Or the player can finish a wilderness Slayer job and gain charges. The item will promote activity in wilderness, and the reward for pvming or Skilling in jungle is the capability to kill revenants for massive amounts of gold. It won’t be overpowered since you gain 20000 fees, so you can do 20000 points of damage to revenants and are able to kill 20 Callisto a hour

For having shit people today make fun of RS3 but OSRS has it. People have been bank standing and Skilling in shit that was random. The issue with Rs3 is they added permanent cosmetic overrides so people are bossing in Bikinis and other silly costumes. I also dislike the wings which feel quite large and out of place, but a lot of individuals walk around with them on constantly.then you have the problem that 99 percent of individuals running around are at complete graceful of possibly some different colour but largely default and anytime you do slayer everyone is dressed the same as they all wear BiS except minor version.

OSRS is unquestionably a bad acid trip. One of them really terrifying ones which sneaks an you with it’s fine beginnings gradually descending into terror. Past some sheep, using a penguin sheep imposter that amuses you to no end. Oh look, a beautiful castle, bustling with individuals to talk to. Hmm, now we are heading to the graveyard. That’s okay, possibly a little spooky but there’s a cool swamp on the other side. Pretend you did not see or listen to the mad ghost in the shack in the corner, we’re in the snowball today.

Cute little frogs… urrrm, marginally less adorable oversized mutant frogs and humanoid goblin creatures. And fuck, absolutely colossal fucking rats with huge scars to show they are no scared of a struggle. That can be when your otherwise ordinary trip takes that sudden turn for the worst. The warnings were there, however, it couldn’t be avoided by you if you’d noticed then.

After sitting there for what was probably hours, you pluck up the courage to get out. Upon squeezing through a narrow passage nonetheless, a formerly hidden demon squeezes your head. You come to terms with this being that the the can you buy rs gold end, trusting the head squeeze does not reach Oberyn Martell amounts, but he actually lets go. Turns out it was not doing this to spare you, and you hear it is laughs at you through his crevice as you notice the struggle extinguished your sole light source. Your friends find you a couple of hours after incoherently babbling about bugs biting your eyes and all else and placing their infants into skin.

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