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High Index Reflective Glass Beads

high index reflective glass beads are the core components of producing reflective materials. Reflective materials mainly include reflective films, reflective inks, Road marking paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective webbing, glass bead reflective fabric, etc.

High Index reflective beads

 For Airport Paint With Index 2.2 is very common inter standard, TENROADS is one of the leading manufacturers to supply high index road marking glass beads, our products have sold into several markets, including Southeast area, middle east area, South Africa, Europe and so on, we always keep strictly quality standard from material to final products, so our products are accepted for the market.

Overview High Index Reflective Glass Beads

Fundamentals of reflective

High index reflective glass beads can be regarded as spherical lenses. When a reflective layer is placed at its focal point, it can incident light well Ground returns to the light source. The position of the focus of the glass beads depends on the refractive index of the glass beads.

High index retro reflective glass beads, where top data is above 2.2 is required, we use special glass which is more clear and lower on heavy metal with high reflective index and more stable performance

High index reflective glass beads are a new type of silicate material with good retro-reflectivity when the refractive index is between 1.9 and 2.2. That is, when a beam of light illuminates the surface of the bead at any angle within a certain range, it is concentrated on a specific reflective layer behind the bead due to the refraction of the bead, and the reflective layer reflects the light back in parallel along the direction of the light source.

The Advantage of High Index Reflective Glass Beads

  1. Retro-reflective properties, good mechanical strength

  1. Chemical stability, electrical insulation and energy saving

  1. High roundness, normally >80%

  1. Clear glass material

  1. Competitive factory price

  1. Increase paint life

  1. RI>1.9

  1. 24 hours quality control

  1. Advance test lab

The Application of High Index Reflective Glass Beads

Reflective materials have the characteristics of retro-reflective and thus produce a strong retro-reflective effect without consuming additional energy.

Because it reflects almost all of the light in a very small angle range, its brightness is much higher than ordinary passable objects. Therefore, it can be widely used in roads, ports, mines, fire protection, and other fields. As a safety sign, it has greatly improved User safety and reliability. Cursor line paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective webbing, reflective safety silk fabric, etc.


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