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What is a Leno Mesh Anti Hail Net?

The undercover cultivation by a leno mesh anti hail net is a new agricultural technique for increasing production practically and eco-friendly. The artificial barrier covering on scaffolds keeps the hail outside and effectively lessens hazards from unfavorable weathers such as hail, frost, rain, snow and others. Being semi-translucent, it creates favorable conditions for the growth of crops thereby slashing the application of chemical pesticides in vegetable fields. Therefore, with the qualified and green output, the leno mesh anti hail net established itself as a strong technical guarantee for the pollution-free agricultural products as well as a formidable guard against natural disasters like the storm erosion and the hail attack.

Leno mesh anti hail nets are widely used for isolating the self-breeding vegetables from foreign pollen, shielding potatoes and floral plants after their virus-free tissue culture, planting green vegetables and protecting the tobacco nursery from pests and diseases. At present, it is the optimal preference for physical pests control to all kinds of crops and vegetables, which contributes to the China’s Shopping Basket Program by serving the majority with “carefree vegetables”.


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