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They nerfed speed before this season but didn’t make any changes to strength

Three pointers are in a good spot imo so long as the aforementioned mid-range becomes fixed. If 3 pointers and mid range have a comparable make% why would not I just go for the 2K MT 3 every moment? Height and strength must play a larger factor on status dunks, particularly with the way the rebounding wing may shield massive centers this season. They nerfed speed before this season but didn’t make any changes to strength, and it is a lowkey guard buff/big nerf. Now bigs lost their pace and didn’t get anything to compensate. I would bring back past years contest system, but get rid of this intimidator badge (or leave it to get pure builds). This year contesting is quite buggy with close out speed and trying to acquire the competition to play the animation. As most of us know intimidator is a game change which should either be eliminated, or booked for the ones that select defense only.

5-stacks will just be paired against 5-stacks, 4-stacks contrary to 4-stacks and so forth. This helps to add some type of matchmaking to REC without effecting wait times as much as a mmr system would and gives you a semi-equal playing area from the start. This likely will not be well liked, however it gives a false sense of a players skill in my view, particularly once you have several builds that do different things. Taking away the W% out of showing was a good beginning but I believe it could go farther.

My instance, I play just as a pure glass lock to the first few months and averaged 4 points a match. I left a shooting glass lockand previously just averaged 4 things, I will not get passed the ball because they see the 4 point average in the beginning, even though I’m on a whole different build. I guess you can seperate stats by construct, though I feel a better system would be to show something like”Last 10 games played” stats to be more accurate.

Wish for MyTeam: Add the MyCareer camera into the choices in MyTeam. Unless I go with some negative perspective or a Broadcast camera, I usually can’t see while the ball is out in the perimeter, the centre I am controlling. Another Wish, maybe for MyTeam, maybe MyCareer new: I’d prefer a mode where I can have my created MyPlayer play on teams with NBA legends.

The grading system can be revamped and calculated based off your gamers construct. (If done right this should induce the consumer to play within their build play style). A slasher with low shooting shouldn’t be buy NBA 2K MT Coins jacking up 3s to their grade. For your Park we should be in a position to grade teammates in the conclusion of each match also it should be displayed with our 2K panel. This will be a visual indicator of who is a great teammate and who’s respected. Incentive playing Park games using lower ranked builds, and losing a match should not yield a 95.0 performance automatically.

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