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Provides custom biohazard specimen bags like 95kpa specimen transport bag, evidence bags, autoclave bags, sterile bags, plastic medicine bags for many hospitals, lab, clinic, pharmacy and other medication industries.


The Best Types of Mailing Bags and Envelopes

Poly Bubble Mailer Padded Envelope (14.25″ x 20″)

As the mailing bag manufacturers, this bubble mailer is a mailer bag with strong polyethylene laminated to 3/16″ air bubble for packaging items. Measuring 14.25″ x 20″, the poly bubble mailer has a tamper proof self-seal on the top edge giving the envelope that tamper-proof feature and cannot be opened unless it is destroyed.


Also, the envelope is push-proof and moisture-proof, has a seamless bottom for maximum strength and smooth side seams. Also on it is an extra 1 ½” self-seal flap to make packaging and closure easy which guarantees a secure seal always.

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