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Deerskin towel material

Deerskin towel is a kind of synthetic material with good water absorption low price multicolor sports instant cooling towel. It is very useful for drying hair. It is said that it is deerskin, which is not the case.

The deerskin towel is made of PVA polymer glue cotton. It is used as a substitute for towels. It has a comfortable and smooth feel, smooth and delicate surface. It can’t afford hair balls for a long time. It has strong toughness and excellent water absorption. The cleaning effect is very significant. Can be used as sports towels, face towels, bath towels, pet wipes. It is suitable for cleaning use in automobiles, home furnishing polyester cool sports towel supplier, IT industry, beauty salons, makeup, industry, etc. It is also used for gifts, gifts and promotional items.

How to use: Please moisten water before use and wipe after wringing. The product is easy to dry and hard, and it can maintain hygiene is its advantage. It can be used after softening in hot water. As usual, it can be placed in the box to keep it moist.

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