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My OSRS accounts was wiped

Yesterday I discovered in my gmail that my account password was reset. So I reset it back going only on the official RuneScape site and it was no problem. I even looked at the messages and cheap OSRS gold status to check if there wasn’t any bans or anything when it got botted and had been clean. I logged back onto OSRS and was Island and needed to devote a username. This was an accounts had for 10+ years. I even logged on my own account and it’s where I last left it and completely normal. Is this normal for a stolen account? Iv seen people receive stats that were improved and recover theirs. Not a total wipe. Saw my account password alter. Changed it and went on the internet to me. I’d stats.

I actually had an account I played with my buddies for perhaps like a week only messing around on. I log in to. Tutorial island. I thought it was funny because I swore I had played on this account before, it’d my primary username and what. I am unsure what happened to the accounts as there was nothing in the email accounts linked to it.

Your account isnt wiped. You are able to login with the and launch it from fresh, although accounts dont move from rs3 to osrs far as such and stats go. If youre saying that you’ve been playing and have trained already then it sounds like youre just logging into the wrong account. Maybe you thought you used your rs3 acc to log in but you didn’t. Idk just, but I do understand reports dont have damaged or reset. If you said it has been 3 months since you logged in last then look up your acc on the high scores.

I’ve trained my accounts and have had it since OS release, and the account is on the highscores. But my password reset is still on my email address when I do the forgot password on my first account. So its like they picked my account just like a lego block and lost it. My password resets are great to my email along with accounts, but when I log in im back at tutorial island. Youre logging in with the incorrect accounts mate. You might of not realized you’re using a diff acc possibly or something im not sure, but if its on HS nevertheless then it means its active.

There is also the appeal of never-ending content. I can place and always have fun doing it. Why do people play any other mmo imo my thought process is the opposite that is completed? I mean I play osrs well playing mmos a lot of this time. But I’d have to mention it has a variety of articles, skills feel profitable then mmos, you can do content alone. Above all its easy and buy old school runescape gold to master. I actually think the combat is more fun in osrs then most other mmos. When you begin doing high end raids in wow, you hit 6 different keys.

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