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The Technical Application of Fruit Protection Mesh Bags

Generally speaking, the application of fruit protection mesh bags, as a promoter to the developing background of anthocyanin in the peel, greatly improves the coloring of the fruit thereby presenting bright and fair fruit. Moreover, the bagged fruit can be free from the infection of diseases and the assault of insects. Fruit protection mesh bags also play a crucial role in guarding the fruit against wind, rain and unexpected external damages, which ends up with less rotten fruit in favor for the storage and the transportation. Besides, the less contact for fruit with pesticide, the less residue pollution on its surface. In the north of China, a large-scale application for apples, pears and other fruits has achieved remarkable economic benefits. Followed the northern pioneer, in recent years, the southern fruit areas of mangoes, averrhoa carambolas, guavas and others have massively employed the fruit protection mesh bags.

The Orchard Management for the Pre-bagging

  1. Reasonable shaping and pruning: The bagging orchard should adopt reasonable tree shapes. For apples and pears, a small crown with sparse layers stretches from the three axial shoots, which forms a vivid shape of an improved spindle. As to the seasonal pruning, light and thin ones shall be dominated in the winter and the summer with the focus of quantity adjustment and spatial distribution of fruit branches to optimize the wind and sunshine effects. For peach branches, retract the weak, thin the vigorous and extend the fruiting to maintain a central-collective shape. For grape branches, prune the dense, full cut the weak and tape vines.

  1. Reasonable fertilizing and watering: At least 80cm of the active soil layer shall be ensured in a bagging orchard by its soil improvement. For mountain orchards, deepen the soil layer as well as retain rainwater as much as possible. In addition, it is preferred for the bagging orchard to introduce the sod culture with trifolium repens and ryegrass to increase organic content, improve soil aggregate structure and conserve water and soil. Scale up the application of miscellaneous fertilizer in accompany with micro nutrient fertilizers such as borax and zinc sulfate. Nitrogen fertilizer is the main topdressing to promote the growth of fruit trees in early stage. Afterwards, spray calcium amino acid at the second and the fourth week of the blossom in order to effectively reduce or prevent the bitter pits. Water before the blooming and the bagging to keep the soil moisture content 70% ~ 75% of the maximum water retaining capacity.


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