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Acrylic is a special organic glass (PMMA). There are also many people called Acrylic for Acrylic. The plasticity of acrylic materials is very strong, and it promotes the wide application of acrylic materials in all walks of life. In addition to 92% of the highlights and strong plasticity, acrylic also has the characteristics of weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, impact resistance, and self-weight. It is precise because of these characteristics of acrylic that acrylic can be used in many products. Which products use acrylic?


Acrylic is used in many large shopping malls, electronic cities and computer cities, such as mobile display racks, electronic product exhibition racks, Digital Camera Exhibition racks, notebook computer exhibition racks, electronic product monopoly cabinets and so on. Especially in the category of products, such as acrylic sunglasses display stand, acrylic penholder, acrylic business card box, acrylic calendar rack and so on, as well as women’s cosmetics, skin care products, as well as jewelry industry, these products are used acrylic materials to set off their display racks. In these products, acrylic display shelves made of acrylic materials are used to set off the products. The reason for choosing Acrylic is mainly because of its high transmittance. In many shopping malls and shopping malls, it is more brilliant to illuminate the Acrylic display shelves with color lights, which can attract customers’attention.


From development execution to supply chain management, AMET’s customized products are overlaid with speed and details. With the combination of art and life and service as the exhibition activities, the brand packaging and exhibition are developed and implemented to strengthen the core competitiveness of the brand in the end. AMET cooperates with many leading foreign brands to provide brand centered service and practical, durable, simple and beautiful products with environmental protection quality standards. „High face“, what we do is face engineering, we have to admit, whether in plasticity or in visual communication, acrylic is not to blame, mainly lies in the real understanding and good use, we always serve your faith and the pursuit of commercial value to strengthen our vision, acrylic in the commercial display props application can be said to be invincible, when people Still believing in the gap between the pursuit and the reality, amert is constantly changing your level of confidence in acrylic products. AMET has been working hard.


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