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That’s present but it’s not only in wow classic gold

Yesterday on chat someone asked 4-5 ppl and a thing started a conversation. I see the negative tenedency that’s present but it’s not only in wow classic gold, our actual life is also quicker, we have access to some information so it’s natural that this really is happening in WOW Classic too. Blizzard didn’t make things faster/easier to get since they want to fuck up WOW Classic or neighborhood. Because the majority of the individuals are asking for it, It’s.

I played 10 decades ago and I see that there are less contact between WOW players but largely because we can get the information we need faster than 10 years ago. You have to locate the new ways to connect to WOW players. And you have to be proactive in it, can’t just wait and expect everyone to pursue your friendship. Most of the WOW gamers who play WOW Classic are introverts who needs time to build up friendships.

If you prefer someone you met or played with just put in him into the friendlist or create your own community for those people you like and encourage them. I did it even when I alter guild or domain, I could still speak to the people I enjoy in the preceding guilds.

What is sometimes overlooked is that the era of cheap classic wow gold. In”the glory days” there was lot that had to be found and found. People were interested in their personalities, where to find something the way to address a pursuit etc. – which was a mmajor part of cummunication and inquiring and providing help etc.. In the present days most people know most of these items, if they’ve a question they locate it on various sources and all course related mysteries are solved by several guides with a scope and caliber of detail which do not overlook anything.


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