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How to wash towels

First put the warm water in the basin, participate in a neutral detergent to allow it to completely ablate China instant cooling relief cool towel, then fold the bath towel into the basin and step on it with your feet several times. Apply washing powder to the oily place, scrub it slightly, let the water drip out, and rinse it with warm water.

When wringing, the folded towels can be rolled inwards into a tube, and squeezed vigorously until dry. Before disposing with a dehydrator, roll up the towels.

If you want to make the wash towels feel shrunk and loose China instant magic cooling towel, you can use clothing softener to dispose of them.

If the bath towels are not cleaned or used for a long time, bacteria will multiply and the bath towels will smell. According to the introduction of home textile experts, bath towels for groups should be changed regularly, and should not exceed 3 months at most.

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