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CFS-374, 1,2-Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane, Cas No. 16068-37-4

1,2-Bis(triethoxysilyl)ethane Description

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Keywords about Co-Formula:

Cas 16068-37-4  /  CAS NO 16068-37-4

ISO9000 & ISO14000 Certified Manufacturer of Organic Silicone Materials;

Professional manufacturer and supplier of silane coupling agents;

Specialized in silicone oils and silane modified polymers;

Leading producer of specialty functional silanes & siloxanes;


Keywords about Co-Formula Products:

Isocyanate Silanes | Amino Silanes | Mercapto Silanes | Epoxy Silanes | Vinyl Silanes |

Phenyl Silanes | Chloro Silanes | Alkyl & Alkoxy Silanes | Long-chain Silanes |

Crosslinkers & Silazanes | Fluoro Silanes | Methacryloxy Silanes | Silane Intermediates|

Methyl Silicone Fluid | Cyclic & Dual-end Siloxanes | Silane Modified Polymers |

Functional Silanes Oligomers | Coating Additives | Plastic Additives


Key Functions of Co-Formula Products:

Silane Coupling Agent | Adhesion Promoter | Surface Modifier | Hydrophobing Agent | Silane Crosslinking Agent | Resin Additive | Curing Agent | Surface Protective Agent |

Dispersing Agent | Terminating Agent | Pharmaceutical Intermediate | Silylation Reagent | Allylation Agent | Electron Donor | Finishing Agent | Softening Agent | Lubricant | Releasing Agent | Surfactant | Defoaming Agent | Paint Additive | Coating Auxiliary | Plastic Additive | Water Scavengers | Cosmetics Additive


Keywords about Co-Formula Focused Industries:

Adhesives & Sealants | Chemical Synthesis | Chromatographic Columns |

Electronic and Electrical Components | Health Care | Paints, Inks & Coatings |

Personal Care | Rubbers & Plastics | Textiles & Fabrics | Wires, Cables & Pipes


At Co-Formula, you may find a variety of functional silanes and specialty silanes with distinctive features. Commercial silanes here include Isocyanate Silanes, Amino Silanes, Epoxy Silanes, Phenyl Silanes, Vinyl Silanes, Mercapto Silanes, Alkyl Silanes, Chloro Silanes, Silane Crosslinkers and Long-chain Silanes.


With the presence of a functional group and hydrolyzable groups, most Co-Formula silanes are utilized as silane coupling agents, adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, surface modifiers and water scavengers. Paints and coatings, construction and architecture, adhesives and sealants, rubbers and plastics are the primary application fields of functional silanes.


As a reliable silane coupling agent and supplier, Co-Formula sincerely welcomes comments and enquiries from customers worldwide.


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