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The garment factory chooses those fabrics when customizing anti-static overalls

In fact, antistatic is rarely used in our lives, but it is closely related to our lives. Although anti-static overalls are usually used for industrial purposes, if you are curious, problems in these industries will also affect our lives! Then follow a large garment factory to see how the anti-static overalls look?

First of all, let’s understand what is the principle of anti-static? It uses physical principles to discharge dip dye hemp tencel shirt and neutralize charges to achieve anti-static cloth.

Now Guangzhou Garment Factory will introduce some anti-static fabrics?

A, anti-static cloth
Anti-static cloth is also known as dust-free rag, lint-free towel. The anti-static cloth has excellent anti-static and dust-proof functions, and is permanent and efficient. The fabric is soft and thin, and the texture is clear. This kind of fabric can be used to make anti-static clothing, but it needs to be processed through a special sewing process. The dust-proof clothing and anti-static clothing made are suitable for different anti-static or clean environments.

B. Anti-static knitted fabric
The anti-static knitted fabric is also made of conductive fiber and polyester material through a special process wholesale hemp tencel shirt. It takes into account anti-static and dust-proof, and at the same time is very breathable, warm and comfortable, which meets the requirements of daily clothing.

C. Cotton anti-static fabric
Cotton anti-static wholesale hemp cotton T-shirt are generally made of the latest high-performance imported conductive fibers blended with various textile fibers, interwoven and inlaid to produce pure cotton series anti-static clothing fabrics.

Of course, we can also use anti-static fabrics in the lining of clothes, such as anti-static satin lining. Anti-static wire is woven from polyester fiber and high-performance permanent conductive fiber through a special process. The fabric has the characteristics of high efficiency, permanent antistatic, good dustproof performance, soft texture, thin and clear. It is mainly used for making dustproof clothes and antistatic clothes to achieve the effect of corona discharge or leakage discharge. Adapt to different anti-static or clean environments.

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