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stone crushing and grinding equipment

Stone is a kind of widely available resources in nature. It can be used in chemical industry, building materials, construction, water conservancy and other industrial fields after being powdered. What kind of equipment is used to make stone powder? Generally, stone crushing machine and grinding mills are needed. It is necessary to first use jaw crusher to break the stone into small pieces, then use cone crusher to finely crush again, and use Raymond mill to grind into powder. At the same time, it also needs to use electromagnetic vibration feeder, belt conveyor, bucket elevator and other auxiliary equipment. Here is a brief introduction of these stone processing equipment.

Primary Jaw Crusher — coarse crushing equipment of stone

Jaw crusher is a kind of stone crushing equipment widely used in the field of ore machinery at present. The equipment can crush calcite, limestone, coal gangue, bluestone, pebble and other kinds of stone materials, and has incomparable crushing effect. The structure and performance of all aspects are quite mature. The following is a brief introduction of this jaw crusher.

1. Structural advantages of jaw crusher

(1) The overall structure design of jaw crusher is very novel and unique, and each parameter setting is more reasonable. The operator can adjust the crushing ratio of the equipment by changing the structural parameters of the equipment, which is very flexible and convenient.

(2) Due to the unique design of jaw crusher’s mobile jaw structure, the movement track of moving jaw is more reasonable. The stroke of stone crushing direction is relatively large, while the stroke of wear direction is relatively small. The crushing stroke of stone from the feeding port is gradually reduced, which plays an important role in reducing the wear of lining plate and improving its service life.

(3) The size of the discharge port of this equipment is smaller than that of the jaw crusher of the same specification on the market, and the crushing chamber is longer than that of the jaw crusher of the same specification.

(4) The toothed plate of the equipment adopts keyless connection, and the back plate of the rotor is cast with high quality material, which has strong bearing capacity and impact resistance.

(5) The jaw plate and other vulnerable parts of the equipment are made of chromium and molybdenum alloy with high wear resistance and high toughness, which improves the hardness of vulnerable parts and solves the problem of frequent wear of vulnerable parts.

2. Performance advantages of jaw crusher

The outstanding performance advantages of jaw crusher are high efficiency and low cost. Due to its unique structural design, the crushing efficiency of the equipment is increased by more than 40% than that of the jaw crusher of the same specification. In addition, the equipment has obvious performance advantages such as strong adaptability, easy operation, low energy consumption, long service life and high cost performance ratio, which has become the rough crushing equipment of stone crushing process Preparation.

Raymond Mill — stone grinding equipment

Raymond mill is the core equipment to make stone into powder. At present, the application of this equipment has been very popular. Both in performance and price, Raymond mill is superior to other stone grinding equipment on the market, attracting the attention of processing plants. In the production of stone mill, we need to know what advantages Raymond mill has. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Performance advantages of Raymond Mill

(1) Raymond mill is a stone grinding equipment with a long history. After continuous optimization and improvement by experts, the structure and grinding technology of the equipment are quite mature, and the operation and maintenance are easier than the original Raymond mill.

(2) The stone powder grinded by this equipment is fine and even, without over grinding problem. The particle shape is quite complete and the pass through rate is high, which can meet the material requirements of various industrial fields.

(3) The transmission system of the equipment adopts sealed gearbox, which is stable and reliable in operation.

(4) The grinding roller and other devices of the equipment are made of high-level super wear-resistant materials developed by professional technicians, with high hardness, strong adaptability, guaranteed quality and long service life.

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