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The Advantage of the Fruit Mesh Bag Application

Polyethylene is the main component of  fruit mesh bag (such as the date harvest mesh bag and the apple harvest mesh bag), which is delicately woven by flat fiber. Being an excellent ventilator, the fruit mesh bag is favorable for daily storage of fruits and vegetables. The date harvest mesh bag is durable, ventilate, corrosion-resistant and sun-proof thereby long freshening the vegetables inside. Therefore,throw away the plastic bags and always have fruit net bags at home is better!

Various as they are, mesh bags can divided into small ones used to pack several items such as “pomelos, toys and cosmetics” and large ones generally of polyethylene and polypropylene such as “the round screen mesh bag, the flat mesh bag”. The material-based classification can be the recycled particles one, the fresh one and the mixture of the two with a general application of packing things.


Meyabond Industry & Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is located in Babaoshan South Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, China.It is an exporter and manufacturer of plastic netting strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

The plastic net manufacturer and supplies Silo Net & Gravel Bags, Anti Insect Netting, Ground Cover Fabric, Ground Cover Fabric, Mesh Bag(fruit & vegetable mesh bag, date palm tree mesh bags, critus covers),  Oyster Bags, HDPE Flat Net, Sun Shade Net, Anti Hail Net, Anti Bird Net. Its products are mainly used in the field of Agriculture, construction, aquaculture, and other industries, mine and sell well in over 50 countries and regions of Europe, America, Asia, Africa.

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