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  1. The quality of acrylic display boxes can be judged by touching them when they are purchased. High-quality acrylic book display box has a smooth surface, good feel, and will not easily leave fingerprints or other traces.


  1. Pay attention to the transparency of acrylic display boxes when choosing and purchasing. Because of the excellent transparency of acrylic materials, superior acrylic display boxes usually have good transparency.


  1. The stability and pressure-bearing capacity of acrylic display boxes must also be taken into account. Good acrylic display boxes are within the standard load-bearing range, and there will be no distortion or slight distortion when they are placed at will.


  1. Material thickness is also one of the criteria for simply measuring the quality of acrylic book display box. Because acrylic display boxes use different materials, their thickness will certainly be different. Buyers can directly identify the quality of the product by comparing the thickness of the standard acrylic display box with that of the standard acrylic display box. At the same time, we should pay attention to the color of the display box. Excellent quality acrylic display box with uniform color and good integrity.



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