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Structural features of the solar photovoltaic greenhouse

Solar photovoltaic greenhouse projects integrated solution
With professional design, manufacturing, installation construction, and maintenance teams, the hualiang greenhouse company has provided complete greenhouse projects integrated solution since 2013.

You tell us what kind of greenhouse you need, optional systems, application, and size, we will supply greenhouse solutions to you quickly.

The solar photovoltaic greenhouse is often used for growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and transplants, etc., also has applications in exhibitions, experiments, restaurants, entertainment.

Advantages of solar photovoltaic greenhouse
1)The solar photovoltaic greenhouse has the function of generating electricity, to make full use of solar energy
2)Power generation and agricultural production at the same time, saving land resources
3)Can wind and reduce evaporation, the desert and arid areas can be changed into the protection of arable land
4)The photovoltaic greenhouse has a reduction of pests and diseases, anti-hail, radiation, rain, strong winds and other bad weather, no pollution, etc
5)Daylighting is sufficient

Structural features of the solar photovoltaic greenhouse
1. Framework structure: Hot galvanized steel.
This kind of steel equipped with good anticorrosion and antirust effects, which can help extend the servise life of the greenhouse.

2.Cover material:
Top: PCsheet/ Glass and Photovoltaic solar panels
Arround:PCsheet/ Glass

3. Size:(can be changed to meet your needs)
Width : 6-12m
Top height: 3-6
Shouler height:3-4.5m
Length: Customized
We can design a solar photovoltaic greenhouse according to your needs.

4. Application:
Widely used in planting vegetables, flowers, nursery stock, and other large-scale production

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