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Haomei automatic hydraulic brick machine

The cheap qt8-15 automatic brick making machine can produce many types and specifications of hollow bricks, solid bricks, blind hole bricks, square bricks, road paving bricks and other new building material products. Its latest technology adopts the control method of internal displacement sensor, which is not affected by atmospheric environmental pollution, and can ensure the appearance size of bricks of various sizes very accurately, so that the product reaches 100% of the national first-class brick standard requirements.

Due to the structural design of the qt12-15 cement brick making machine, the mold is centered in the machine, and can be replaced at will without being affected by the outside world. Replacing different molds can produce bricks of different shapes and specifications, realizing the powerful function of one machine with multiple uses. A superior feature reduces the user’s investment costs, users can make a variety of building materials products according to their needs.

Full-automatic hydraulic brick machine is a professional high quality qt12-15 cement brick making machine upgraded and improved on the basis of hydraulic brick machine. Relying on hydraulic power source and simple touch screen operation can realize the automation and intelligentization of hydraulic brick machine. In terms of brick output rate and brick output quality, it is better than the general hydraulic brick machine, without burning brick machine.
The performance of the automatic hydraulic qt8-15 automatic brick making machine is comparable to similar products in the United States, Germany and other countries, but the price is 1/3 of its similar products. The brick machine equipment combines the needs of my country’s construction and building materials industry and is more suitable for my country’s production needs.

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