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Synthetic Cryolite

General Description of Synthetic Cryolite

Molecular Formula: Na3AlF6

CAS NO.:13775-53-6/15096-52-3

EINECS NO:238-485-8


Density: 2.95-3.05g/cm3 at 25°C

Bulk Density: 1.3-1.55g/l

Melting Point:1025°C

HS Code: 28263000.00

Appearance: Sandy, Powder, Granule

Size: 0-10mm 100% -0.045mm 10%max

The grain size can be adjusted according to different requirement.


Application of Synthetic Cryolite

Synthetic Cryolite (Sodium Aluminium Fluoride) is primarily used as a flux in the smelting or electrolytic production of aluminum .Thick   size (0-10mm) and good fluidity, Convenient for mechanization and feeding automatically. It can be used to reduce the melting point of     alumina and fast melting. In the friction industry, it is used as filler in bonded abrasives and in friction coated linings. It is also used in the glass and enamel industries.

PackageofSynthetic Cryolite

Polyethylene weaving inner lined with plastic bag. N.W.is 25/50/1000kg

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