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Introduction to the Role and Effect of Carbomers

Carbomer is a natural resin. Its full name is acrylic resin. It is a chemical intermediate. In life, it can be used in the processing of high-end goods, it can also be used in the processing of cosmetics.

Here are introductions to the carbomer’s efficacy and role

  1. Protect the skin

Carbomer has obvious protective effect on human skin, it has a certain affinity to human skin, people usually add it to cosmetics. It can protect the skin, and can reduce the irritant substances to human skin and can prevent various allergic symptoms.

  1. UV resistance

Carbomer has a certain activity. After being applied to the surface layer of human skin, it can enhance the resistance of human skin to ultraviolet rays and can reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to human skin. It is used in summer. To a particularly ideal sun protection, it can prevent the skin from blackening and also prevent the skin from being burned by ultraviolet rays.

  1. Reduce viscosity

Carbomer has a certain degree of looseness, and it is a slightly acidic substance with strong hygroscopicity. In industrial production, carbomer is an important raw material for making cosmetics and gels.

  1. Anti-inflammatory and sterilization

Carbomer is also a natural medicinal ingredient. It can reduce inflammation and sterilization. Carbomer eye drops sold on the pharmaceutical market are medicines made with it as the main raw material. It has a good elimination of human eye inflammation. The effect can make the pain and redness of the eyes subside quickly.

  1. Guarantee the quality of cosmetics

Carbomer is a chemical neutralizer. It has a very important position in the production of cosmetics. It can integrate multiple ingredients in cosmetics and keep them in a stable and suitable state.

Precautions in using carbomer

Carbomer discolors with m-diphenol, and is incompatible with phenol, cationic polymers, strong acids, and high-concentration electrolytes. Certain bacteriostats should also be avoided or used in low concentrations. Trace amounts of iron or other transition metals can catalyze the degradation of carbomer dispersion, and carbomer can generate a lot of heat when it comes into contact with strong alkaline substances, such as ammonia, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, or strong basic organic amines.

Some drugs containing amino functional groups can form water-soluble complexes with carbomer. Usually this situation can be prevented by adjusting the solubility parameter of the liquid with an appropriate alcohol or polyol.

Carbomer and some polymer excipients can also form pH-dependent complexes, adjust solubility parameters, and adjust solubility parameters can also work under such conditions.

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