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The JP version and I played with for close to 90 hours

The JP version and I played with for close to 90 hours a year ago and PSO2 Meseta could not see the allure. You spend the majority of your time only oneshotting mobs that are braindead-easy in areas that are free. You then sit around waiting for emergency quests to spawn which are again braindead easy because everyone’s gear is so absurdly strong that you’ll hardly be able to even hit anything. They hurry through at melting anything in their way. SEGA added some EQs where you’re forced to pilot a mecha that doesn’t actually do a lot of damage simply so new Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers might find a chance at hitting stuff. There are many different sorts of quests with vague names such as buster quests, featured quests and you’ll have to spend ages on wikis hoping to figure out which of these are worth doing. Most of them are incredibly boring, the only ones worth doing are those with actual rewards.

Having to find abilities to be learnt by discs is a pretty stupid imo and the hotbar system is totally terrible. I don’t get why I can not just have several hotbars onscreen instead of having to scroll through subpalettes and palettes and shit. It is a UI nightmare that does not appeal to anybody. The targeting system stinks. The party UI is minuscule and much can’t be customized by you. Can’t hover fans over icons to tell what they do. No penalty for dying because you can just respawn like nothing happened. Because the content you conduct is so easy that you have to say anything most dialogue happens in the lobby.

The system is extremely convoluted and you have to spend ages combing through youtube videos and wikis to comprehend it. The simple fact that you can find new-type and old-type weapons using two distinct strategies to improve (mill ) them is foolish. Grind caps and affixes are unintuitive unless you’ve got a manual to refer to that explains how they operate. Collection files are fairly dull since they just boil down to“spam more EQs“ which is probably what you were doing. Each time you kill a boss they burst as a pinata and drop a ton of shit that is useless. As a newcomer it is hard to understand what is not and what’s worth picking up. I guess you can seller them to an NPC?

Level cap unlock quests are extremely bothersome. Why do I need to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta get a 13* +35 weapon just to level Lv75? It’s only. Who finds these fun? Most quests (customer orders) are just kill or fetch quests. They are all amazingly boring, although there are many of them. Some client orders are really annoying to perform. The everyday ones especially. Most of them ask enemy to be killed by you but all you know is which free field that enemy is found in. Which means you’ve got to run around for ages at a large shitty map looking for the mob you are supposed to kill, since the wiki does not tell you just where they unfold. It is not like the dinosaurs are even hard so it just becomes a chore, to kill.

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