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Disposable Slippers

Disposable slippers are generally used in five-star hotels, guesthouses, homes, and hospitality. The length of the slippers is 29.5cm, the thickness is 5mm. The production material is VA wavy bottom and TC velvet fabric.


Application: it is suitable for places such as hotels, foot bath, sauna.

The biggest production base of disposable slippers in China, Yangzhou city, Jiangsu province, has developed a variety of materials of slippers and it becomes one of the most influential brands among domestic and foreign enterprises. It adopts soft and comfortable high-quality fabrics, terry cloth, dense velvet, coral velvet and so on. It does not irritate the skin and is comfortable to wear. The most comfortable adjustment can be made according to different foot types. It adopts three – wire mechanism and it can be very strong and can not fall easily. It can be used in these applications such as electronic manufacturing industry, dust-free workshop, catering service industry, food processing, school, spraying processing, stamping hardware, health hospital, processing industry, hospital, beauty, pharmaceutical, factory, environmental cleaning, and public places.


Advantages of disposable slippers

(1)Air permeability (2) Filtering (3) Heat preservation (4) Water absorption (5) Water proofing (6) Scalability (7) no dishevelment (8) It feels good and soft (9) light (10) Resilient and reversible (11) There is no orientation of the cloth (12) Compared with textile cloth, it has high productivity and fast production speed (13) Low price and mass production, etc (14) Size fixed, and it is not easy to deform (15) Skid resistance


The production of disposable slippers is convenient because the size of disposable slippers is certain and it is easy to produce. Unlike cotton slippers, which can be recycled and the requirements for the fabric of slippers are high, disposable slippers on the fabric requirements are very low. Manufacturers do not need to consider too many factors in the production. They just need a suitable size to quickly produce a lot of disposable slippers. Disposable slippers are of better waterproof and slip resistance and ventilation. As a result of all sorts of characteristics of disposable slipper design, disposable slipper have all sorts of advantages such as air permeability, water resistance, water absorption and so on. Disposable slippers will play a role in anti-slip in this way. In view of these advantages, the hotel can choose disposable slippers because the guests not only love clean slippers, but also love to wear very comfortable slippers. Disposable slippers are very light and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slipper is produced simpler, and the cost is lower, its comfort, softness can not be denied. It’s very comfortable to wear. So the hotel can choose to buy at ease, and but the clean and hygienic disposable slippers provided for guests.


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