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When you wear bag closing sewing thread

Now pin the poly sewing thread to the fabric using straight pins. Place the pins so that they don’t cross where you will need to cut. Use plenty of pins, you’ll be glad later. Next use good sharp scissors to cut the fabric making sure you leave those notches in place.

Now you can turn to that Instruction Sheet and proceed! Just go step-by-step, reading carefully and trust your gut. If you get stuck picture the finished project in your head and see if the next step makes sense. And if you get stuck come on back…I know people who know stuff!

We will begin by breaking down the types of fabric into categories, then sub-categories. You will want to know what the fabric is made of, how it will drape (flow), and what the care instructions are. One thing is for certain – it pays to invest in quality fabric, as you are going to put a lot of your energy into the project, and you want it to be a success.


The fiber content of a fabric will determine the comfort of the garment when you wear bag closing sewing thread, and how you will need to care for the garment. Usually, in a store, the fabric content will be on the end of the cardboard form that the fabric is wrapped around. Be sure to ask the sales people, as sometimes the form is re-used and does not match the fabric. If purchasing fabric from a web site, the information should be displayed with the fabric. In case you find fabric that the fiber content is unknown, it can be tested by burning it. More about fabric testing later.

After much experimentation and trial-and-error, I found that I achieved perfect tension and Closer Thread balance by using cotton Closer Thread in the bobbin and my embroidery Closer Thread in the top of the machine. I was happy with my results, but the purists said it was wrong!

At the same time, they found it perfectly acceptable to use clear nylon or plastic Closer Thread, much like fishing line, to do quilting that they didn’t want to be seen. I have two problems with this. First, nylon/plastic “industrial sewing thread” has no place on a cotton quilt. Second, why would a quilter not want their quilting stitches to show? While my cotton/rayon combo was wrong, cotton and fishing line was just fine. That was a head-hurting thought to process!



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