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I do get that 2K wants to market VC

On you’d play about 30-35 minutes each match, in 12 games in HoF. With my PM/DEF GCLD 35 pts, on my best matches 30 rebs 5 blks 3 stls to 25 asts. 65,000 points would be got around by me, let’s admit it is not repeatable in each and every NBA MT Coins game. So I would presume you receive 55,000 points per game and 5,000 points for training considering team trainings. So every sport brings you 60,000 points in 45 minutes each game and 5 minutes per coaching in 50 minutes. You’d need roughly 38 matches (31 hours and 40 minutes) to get the rest 2,255,000.

Hence, we spent 5h + 2h15m + 31h40m = 39h to receive our character to 95. No capability except the badges to respec. And to be. No accomplishment points no targets no quests etc.. You can not grind online. Your low level parks are redeemed by 97+ NBA 2K players who are trying to boost their w% or repetitions ) or Rec becomes a joke if the opposing group has 1 NBA 2K player at 67 and two of 97+ playsharps or off-threats. As a preceding WoW (WotLK) NBA 2K player I had been wondering about the discussion about how fast you would reach the finish degree 120, if I’d resumed now and it takes approximately 25 hours. And your character as customizable as possible.

I do get that 2K wants to market VC. I am not saying it should be free to respec your character. But let us respec the attribute caps, available badge factors for physicals and 50k for another 50k the first time. More you respec more VC also the position shouldn’t be changeable and it should take. Make the grind more pleasurable by including quests, (like maintain the opposing matchup below some points, +/- ratings, number of deep 3s, flashy dunks etc.). Contain rating + rep level matchmaking so the online grind becomes an option.

It requires a lot of your time to have NBA 2K players, specially in the event that you don’t buy VC. Gotta give you props for having rated NBA 2K players. I had spare time and cash and began all them at 85 rating. I wasn’t trying to brag about the number of characters I have. I wanted to explain that after spending 40 hours to build a pm and recognizing that it doesn’t match my play style, it is simple for me to spend another 40 hours for constructing a sharpshooter. Let’s be fair until you get to pro-am, or even park and play against good men and women you don’t know whether that archetype fits your style of play.

Just how many people have all BiS equipment? I’d assume at most 5% of the base to buy mt coins. I am ok with spending hundreds of hours to get into that. Before becoming to 93 evaluation and unlocking 80%-90% of your badges that you do not stand a chance. Which is a boring procedure. You can not play online till you invest 30 hours offline. In WoW after 3-5 hours you can get to your very first dungeon or do quests with friends etc.. I am only saying that grind should be a little more fun (thought came up, ability to play co-op matches with your friends like in mynation mode) and after spending 40 hours it should make it possible for you to respec.

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