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  1. Chest-wiping wedding dress

A breast wipe is a style wrapped from the chest without shoulders. This kind of wedding dress is mainly suitable for brides with slightly plump breasts. This kind of wedding dress feels natural and generous. This wedding dress mainly relies on the chest and waist to support the whole wedding dress, so the thin bride is not suitable for this dress. Wedding dress with better design and workmanship will be added a layer of structure like underwear button inside the chest to prevent the wedding dress from sliding down and causing the phenomenon of falling off. So the bride does not have to worry about the slip of wedding dress.


  1. Short-style wedding dress

Beautiful and lovely sexy short wedding dresses is the best choice for a small bride. Just add a headdress and a beautiful bouquet in your hand to create a fashionable bridal model.


The length of the dress is mostly between the knee or the middle of the thigh. If you are worried about your height, you can choose the A-shaped dress with a higher waist line and a shorter length. When you wear high heels, your altitude will rise in a straight line with your elongated legs.


  1. Fit and flare wedding dress with sleeves

If your arms are shorter or thicker, don’t consider brassieres and heart-shaped collars. Sleeve wedding dress can also make you elegant and charming. Three Quarter Sleeve reveals a relatively thin wrist, greatly modifying the lines of your hand. The key is to be thin. Sleeve style wedding dress is more formal and conservative than other styles of wedding dress. Although it is not exposed, it is also full of elegant female charm.


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