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They won’t be Animal Crossing Items

First off, you can still market rotten turnips. You won’t get whatever that day’s turnip cost will be for them. You will only get 100 bells and they won’t be Animal Crossing Items marketed as stacks of 10. Rather, they’ll sell as one turnip a stack, so there is a great possibility you’ll be missing out on some huge money. As you won’t make many bells, this may at least remove them from the own island and you’re still getting some cash back instead of having to pay a disposal fee such as in preceding Animal Crossing names.

The ideal use for turnips is to use them as bait to draw out a few bugs. By leaving turnips you can attract ants and flies that you can catch and contribute to Blathers’ museum. Or you can just keep some for yourself whether you would like to start your own personal ant farm up. It may take a while for those bugs to arrive, but leave out the turnips from the sun for a little while and eventually, you need to observe some pests which you’re able to capture.

The very last thing you need to do is invest thousands of bells in turnips for them to spoil. But if you want to complete the Critterpedia, then it can be a good idea to cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells keep one or two turnips on hand to rot and bring some gross bugs.

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