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How is cement brick quality of Brick Making Machine

The cement brick produced by Haomei hot sale brick making machine made in china has high output and durable characteristics.

Haomei brick machine adopts vibration + hydraulic forming technology, with compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, fully sealed dustproof, circulating lubrication, simple operation.

The brick machine is intelligently controlled by PLC computer, and adopts hydraulic transmission and vibration pressure forming. The computer control can randomly adjust the parameters according to the needs of producing different products and different materials. Each action echoes and interlocks with each other, safe and stable. Random monitoring fault automatic prompt, man-machine dialogue.

The control system of hot selling qt12-15 cement brick making machine is divided into four items:

1. Feeding system: unique forced distribution mechanism and special arch rod adapted to the changes of different mold cavities play the role of forced arch breaking and secondary stirring, which can ensure the uniformity of the large amount of fly ash cloth to the greatest extent Consistent.

2. Vibration system: Adopt special technology to optimize the arrangement of the vibration shaft, so that the vibration is evenly distributed throughout the table, so as to greatly improve the consistency and stability of product performance, and make higher quality products under the same ratio , While effectively reducing noise. The unique fixed table design form can improve the product forming speed and product size accuracy.

3. Hydraulic system: the use of advanced hydraulic double proportional control technology can easily adjust the pressure and oil volume of any branch oil circuit of the hydraulic system of the qt8-15 automatic brick making machine in stock, so that different raw materials can be used to produce the same high-quality products.

4. Electronic control system: intelligent control of the whole process, equipped with data input and output devices, to achieve ideal man-machine dialogue. The control system also includes advanced safety logic control and fault diagnosis system. Optional remote control.

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