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Fire fighting pipe

Fire protection pipe is a kind of normal carbon steel pipe for conveying water, gas and other fire suppression agents. Fire suppression pipe is usually in red. But the exterior of the light-wall pipes is galvanized silvery. Installation of red steel fire service pipe is only to be used as wet sprinkler system. Dry and wet pipe sprinkler systems (including pre-action pipe sprinkler systems) are allowed to install galvanized pipes.


Since the installation of the first fire protection system,  black steel has been the traditional leader of the fire sprinkler pipe market bacause of its  strength, durability, and extreme resistance to heat exhibited. With a melting point between a whopping 2,600°F and 2,800°F (1,427°C and 1,538°C), steel pipe can withstand the heat of  burning buildings, it even can keep water flowing over a fire.


Steel Fire Sprinkler Pipe for Fire Protection Systems


Steel pipe is suitable for all fire protection systems. It’s easy to form, bend, and fabricate, which can be manufactured in various sizes, shapes and configurations. Steel pipe has been the main material of sprinkler piping systems for a long time. Steel is considered strong, durable and resistant to fire. With a melting point of about 2,700°F, steel pipe can withstand the heat of a burning building.


Steel protection pipe for sprinkler systems can be connected by screw thread, welded connection, rolling connection and groove cutting connection. Threading is only allowed for Schedule 40 or heavier pipe. However, if a lighter wall pipe is listed by a specialized thread testing laboratory, NFPA 13 (National Fire Protection Association) will allow the lighter wall pipe threads.


Fire Fighting Pipe’s National Standard

GB/T5135.20-2010 standard


GB/T17219-1998 standard


CJ/T120-2008 standard.


GB50261-2010 national standard automatic sprinkler system Part 20: Coated steel pipes


Fire Fighting Pipe’s Technical Parameter


Coating material: modified heavy anti-corrosion epoxy resin


Universal color: red


Coating thickness: 250um-550 um Coating method: Fluidized bed impregnation process, one-time film formation.


Product specifications: DN15-DN1200


Ambient temperature: -30 ° C to 80 ° C (peak 760 ° C)


Regular pressure: 0.1Mpa-2.5Mpa


Connection method: thread, groove, flange connection, etc.


Application areas: fire water supply, gas supply, foam medium conveying pipeline system


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