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BM3 Cycloid Hydraulic Motor

Brief Introduction:


The BM3 hydraulic motor is a shaft-loaded cycloid hydraulic motor with higher load capacity and can be used for long-term operation under high pressure. The overall structure design of the output shaft and the flow distribution mechanism, the indented stator and rotor, the rolling bearing support at both ends, and the special imported return rotary seal ring enable the motor to work under a high back pressure.


Product Description


Characteristic Features:


  1. Supported by double ball-bearing, the shaft can carry bigger radial force than BM2 motor.


  1.  Credible design for shaft seal, which can bear high pressure and be used in parallel or in series.


  1. Direction of shaft rotation and speed can be controlled easily and smoothly.


  1. Best combination of efficiency and economy in medium duty applications.


  1. The flow distribution mechanism and the output shaft are integrally formed, which has higher oil distribution precision and high volumetric efficiency.


  1.  Advanced shaft seal design, high back pressure bearing capacity.


  1. Inset gear rotor and advanced spline parameters design with high mechanical efficiency and long service life.


  1.  Double-rolling bearing design at both ends, with greater lateral load capacity, suitable for various working conditions.


  1. Mainly used in petroleum, coal machinery, small cranes and other construction machinery.

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