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Fluxes for Aluminum Alloy

General Introduction:

SATA granulated fused refining flux is a eutectic salt composed of mgcl2 anhydrous and potassium or sodium chloride. Which can removes alkali metal(sodium, calcium, lithium) and non-metallic inclusions (oxides, borides and carbides) from liquid aluminium and al-alloys. It’s in-furnace metal treatment flux.


The main chemical compositions of different fluxes based on Mgcl2 anhydrous, Kcl, Nacl, CaF2, Na3ALF6, K3ALF6 and etc. These raw materials are fused in a furnace to a high temperature, cooled and crushed. Compare to the powder mixed. Fused fluxes have a single sharp melting point rather than mixed powder flux has a melting range. The melting point belows 483℃. And some are free from fluorides, sodium, which is suitable for high magnesium al-alloy. Some fluxes has a very small amount of calcium fluoride added to MgCl2/KCl flux leads to a significant increase in the inclusion and alkali removal performance. The MgCl2 minimizes or eliminates surface oxidation by creating a thin-film layer on the metal surface, thus cover fluxes can be avoided if the refining flux contains enough MgCl2.



Advantage of Granular Flux:

Eco‐friendly flux that reduce dust levels, meet the emission limits of most environmental regulatory agencies

Uniform size, reacts fully. Purify the melt improve melt quality.

Increases the extrusion speed and die life when extruding profiles

Reduces the number of breaks in continuous casting

Sodium-free flux suitable for high mg al-alloy eliminates edge cracks when rolling high Mg aluminium alloys

Free of fluorides. Zero fluoride emissions.

Low melting point for rapid dispersion

Effectively remove the aluminium slag and hydrogen, performance excellent on refining and drossing.

Addition and stirring of flux by means of flux feeder (with Nitrogen or Argon) gives the highest refining efficiency.

In the meanwhile, oxide inclusions can be separated from the melt, and generated dry slag (white dross),reduce metal loss.

Less dosage, high effectiveness, save cost for customer refining and degassing slag, it can protect and clean molten aluminium.

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