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Granite Crushing Process

The comprehensive utilization value of granite is very high. Only after reasonable processing can this rock ore be better applied. The equipment used in granite crushing line mainly includes jaw crusher, hammer crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating feeder, circular vibrating screen, leather belt conveyor, etc. the main process flow is as follows:

1. The raw granite enters into the vibrating feeder, which can not only supply materials, but also effectively filter out certain impurities, making full preparation for entering the jaw crusher.

2. For the preliminary crushing of materials, the equipment selected is jaw crusher. The main reason why the equipment is selected is that its production capacity is very high, so as to meet the requirements of the user’s output.

3. After the primary crushing, if the discharge particle size cannot meet the standard, the secondary crushing shall be carried out, and the equipment used is the hammer crusher. Its main advantage is that the crushing ratio is very large, so that the discharge will be more delicate.

4. It is the core equipment of the technological process to enter the sand making machine for sand making after the completion of crushing. In the process of hardware configuration of the production line, it is good to select the sand making machine with excellent performance and excellent quality, so that the sand making accuracy will be higher.

5. The last step is sand washing operation. The equipment used is sand washing machine. The newly developed sand washing machine has a high technology content and is more simple and convenient to operate.

Through crushing, grinding and finally making granite powder, granite powder is applied to all aspects of production, saving a lot of resources.

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