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Marble grinding mill for powder production

Marble is a kind of special calcium carbonate material. In our country, the storage capacity of this mine is very rich, and its comprehensive utilization value is very high. This rock ore can be better used only after being ground into powder. The marble grinding production line can effectively grind marble and make it play a greater application value. How to configure the marble grinding production line? What equipment does the grinding production line need?
What equipment does the marble grinding line need?

1. Jaw crusher or impact crusher

Crusher is an ideal large-scale ore crushing equipment, it can crush large marble to the user specified particle size requirements, so that users can better grind marble. This equipment is widely used in many fields because of its large crushing rate, uniform crushing particle size and low energy consumption.

2. Vertical roller mill

LM vertical roller mill is the main equipment for grinding marble after passing through jaw crusher or fine crusher. Users can adjust the particle size within 80-400 mesh according to their own production requirements, so as to improve the grinding efficiency of marble equipment, increase the output of equipment, and reduce the production investment of users.

3. Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a kind of lifting equipment in operation. It can evenly and effectively lift the marble from the lower part to the upper part, so that the material can enter the receiving material. The equipment not only plays a great role in marble grinding production, but also has a wide application in food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

Advantages of grinding production line

1. The connection between the equipment in each link of the grinding production line is very consistent, which improves the stability of the equipment, thus reducing the maintenance frequency of the equipment, prolonging the service life of the equipment, and reducing the production cost of the user.

2. Low noise during operation, good sealing performance of equipment, effectively avoiding dust and noise pollution to the environment, and creating a good working atmosphere for operators.

3. All kinds of equipment adopt new production technology, select high-quality raw materials, improve the wear resistance and pressure resistance of the equipment, so as to extend the service life of the whole production line.

4. The design of the production line is reasonable, the structure is simple, and the floor area of the equipment is reduced, which not only facilitates the production and operation of the user, but also greatly reduces the civil construction cost of the equipment.

5. Compared with other grinding equipment, the finished products milled by the equipment are fine and uniform, and the screening rate is higher, reaching more than 99%, which improves the unit output of the equipment.

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