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I rarely call only one defensive play and locate a zone/blitz which works

I rarely call only one defensive play and locate a zone/blitz which works, then play around that (I like to use a Dick LeBeau design ), I change to person when gift is obviously superior than theirs or zone isn’t working. Some seasons I need a superstar team and manipulate transactions / small contracts, therefore my defense’s”weakest link” is like 88-90ovr… yet this 77ovr receiver is Mut 20 coins always open for a streak in 2 deep guy. That is when I usually rage quit.

Exotic zone blitzes are soo fun, in which you do not know who’s blitzing and who’s in coverage as even a DL can drop into a zone with two corners blitzing. It is chaos. Steelers defensive playbook has made this much tougher over the years as I must recreate old plays via audible, but the results are really worth it, particularly online as you’ve got to actually know soccer so as to beat it (fuck cheese-heads).

Older ones, like Brady, could tear it as Lebeau was too stubborn to adjust it from long-term Madden NFL players that really studied the weaknesses. But my theory was always that when rookie QBs struggle against it, Madden NFL players will get killed, it’s molded me made me dream of training one day.

Used to love to attempt to recreate it on the old maddens with the play creation feature on ps2. On the newer ones that they can kinda utilize audibles but cpu shits on it. I am just attempting to find a James Harrison 100 yard pick is it that hard madden. So the AI in Madden NFL is mindful of slider changes. So when you place the slider precision to 0, the AI believes”oh shit, should I throw a 20 yard pass Ima overlook by 15 yards, better dump it off to the running back.” And they’ll have a completion percentage that is crazy high because they are compensating for their Storm Trooper precision.

If you increase the accuracy to 100, Brett Favre is turned into by the AI. They’ll see their recipient in triple coverage down the area and think”yeah, I can squeeze that in there.” And they’ll fuckit chuckit 50 yards straight to the receiver and you have to find a way to make a play on the ball to prevent it. I discovered the sweet spot as far as completion percent belongs is between 60 and 70 accuracy, 60 or so human overhaul coverage, and lower human interceptions to around 30. You are going to end up with too many pass deflections, as buy Madden nfl 20 coins well as Trubisky won’t have an”inaccurate” throw, but end percentages will remain under 75 most games.

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